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  • ISEF Funding for Small Fleets


Did you know, in California qualifying small fleets can receive a minimum voucher of $120,000 toward a RIZON all-electric truck under the Innovative Small e-Fleet Program?


Small trucking fleets can access special funding to support their transition to zero-emission vehicles. This is known as the Innovative Small e-Fleet program (ISEF).  This generous program can make your purchase or lease of RIZON trucks more affordable than a comparable diesel or gasoline vehicle.


Here is a simple breakdown of the ISEF program including who is eligible, and how the funds can be accessed and used.


What is ISEF?


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and CALSTART partnered to launch the Innovative Small e-Fleet Program to help small fleets transition from diesel-fueled vehicles to zero-emission vehicles.


The program provides funding for a variety of options that include short-term leasing, renting, and other solutions.  Direct purchase of zero-emission vehicles is not funded through the ISEF program, but instead through the HVIP program.  An expedited application process and the doubled voucher amount make it easier for small fleets to buy electric trucks.


RIZON trucks can be leased through your local NationaLease member, including Velocity Truck Rental and Leasing or California Truck Leasing.


Who qualifies for Innovative Small e-fleet funding?


Eligible small fleets include California-based, privately-owned trucking companies, independent owner-operators, and non-profits with 20 or fewer vehicles and annual revenue of less than $15 million. However, non-profits are not disqualified by revenue.


Which type of trucks are available for ISEF vouchers?


Vouchers are available for Class 2b-8 zero-emission trucks in CARB’s HVIP catalog for the listed amounts and can be stacked with DAC funds (Disadvantaged Community) for qualified companies.


small fleet funding


Purchasers are limited to receiving vouchers for a maximum of five vehicles.


RIZON trucks are eligible for Class 4-5.


How can you access the funds?


To access the funds, a purchaser must request a voucher through a CARB-certified dealership. Once the application is complete the incentive will be applied at the point of sale of the eligible vehicle.


In the case of RIZON, our dealers, California Truck Centers and Velocity Truck Centers, can apply for ISEF vouchers on your behalf. For general questions, quotes, or to see if you are eligible, please contact California Truck Centers or Velocity.


Not sure which dealer is closest? Find a dealer near you.


What costs can the ISEF vouchers cover?


ISEF funding can be used to purchase and operate eligible vehicles. This use extends to charging costs, vehicle insurance, and related fuel costs. The voucher amount is capped at 90% of the vehicle cost.


The vouchers cannot be used to cover taxes, registration fees, or infrastructure installation.


How do I get started?


For qualifying fleets, the best way to get started is to determine which type of zero-emission vehicles are needed, and then reference CARB’s list of eligible vehicles. Once you’ve settled on a vehicle, the next step is to contact the authorized dealer. The dealer applies for the voucher on your behalf.


For questions on purchasing RIZON trucks under the ISEF program, please contact your California RIZON dealer to discuss additional requirements, request body quotes, and discuss any other details.