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  • Electric Box Truck: A Sustainable Solution for Urban Deliveries


The electric box truck, also known as an electric delivery van or last-mile delivery vehicle, is gaining prominence in the transportation industry. These vehicles combine the functionality of traditional box trucks with the environmental advantages of electric propulsion. 

RIZON Trucks are an all-new Daimler Truck brand of electric vehicles that offer one of the most mature solutions on the market in the class 4-5 commercial segment. 

Let’s explore why the electric box truck is becoming a viable choice for urban logistics. 

Benefits of the Electric Box Truck 

1. Reduced Emissions 

Electric box trucks lower CO2 emissions in the logistics and transport sectors, contributing to a cleaner environment. By eliminating tailpipe emissions, they help combat air pollution and climate change. This is especially true in dense urban areas. 

◆  As cities worldwide strive for cleaner air, electric box trucks play a role in achieving sustainability goals. 

◆  Battery electric trucks significantly outperform their diesel counterparts in terms of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. When we consider the entire lifetime of a battery-electric 40-tonne tractor-trailer entering service in 2021, these electric vehicles produce at least 63% lower emissions compared to diesel trucks. 


2. Lower Operating Costs 

◆  Maintenance: The electric box truck has fewer moving parts, leading to lower maintenance expenses. There is no need for oil changes, exhaust system repairs, or complex transmission maintenance. 

◆  Reduced Wear and Tear: EVs benefit from regenerative braking, which reduces wear on brake pads. ICE vehicles require more frequent brake replacements. 

◆  Charging Costs vs Fuel Costs: While this comparison is complex due to use case, price fluctuation, and varying rates per region, a Car and Driver study determined over a three-year period that charging was between 45% – 50% cheaper than fueling a vehicle. 


3. Quiet Operation 

◆  Electric box trucks run silently, minimizing noise pollution in urban areas. This feature is especially valuable during early morning or late-night deliveries when noise restrictions apply. 

◆  Quiet operations can be extremely beneficial in other applications like garbage collection, which is sometimes conducted early in the morning.  


4. Instant Torque and Smooth Driving Experience 

◆  Electric motors provide instant torque, resulting in responsive acceleration. This feature enhances maneuverability and efficiency, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Low vibration also results in less stress and fatigue on a driver’s body.


5. The Electric Box Truck is Ideal for Short Distances and Return-to-Base Operations 

◆  Most medium-duty box trucks cover relatively short distances within cities. 

◆  Electric box trucks are well-suited for last-mile deliveries, where they return to a central depot or base each night. Their limited range is less of a concern in this context. For more on range-related concerns, check RIZON’s article on Overcoming Commercial EV Range Anxiety. 


6. Positive Impact on Air Quality

◆  By replacing diesel-powered trucks with electric alternatives, we improve local air quality. Reduced particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions benefit both residents and the environment. 

Challenges and Considerations 

7. Charging Infrastructure 

◆  Public charging stations need to accommodate medium-duty trucks. Larger charging facilities may become necessary to support the growing fleet of electric box trucks. However, RIZON trucks can conveniently charge overnight using AC charging. For tips on electrifying your fleet, check out RIZON’s fleet electrification guide. 


8. Training and Integration 

◆  Training programs are essential for drivers, mechanics, and fleet managers to adapt to electric technology. RIZON’s partner, Velocity EV has deep knowledge of EV infrastructure and use and can help business and fleet operators integrate EVs into their operations and provide the necessary training and support.  



9. Complex Applications 

◆  For some makers, integrating electric components into the truck body (such as refrigeration units) presents new challenges. However, RIZON trucks come equipped with an electric power takeoff (ePTO), which allows for applications like refrigeration and hydraulic pumps. 


Electric box trucks offer a sustainable solution for urban deliveries. As charging infrastructure improves and technology advances, we can expect to see more electric trucks on our city streets. These vehicles not only save money but also contribute to a greener, quieter, and healthier environment. 

Remember, the future of logistics is electric, and box trucks are leading the way!  

RIZON electric box trucks are for sale with some of the shortest lead time in the industry. 

For more information on RIZON trucks, download our brochure. See how our all-electric cab over trucks are the most ideal solution for urban and last-mile deliveries.