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  • Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing for Fleets

For municipal buyers looking to purchase electric fleet vehicles, RIZON trucks are now available through Sourcewell cooperative purchasing.

Municipalities can order RIZON trucks through Sourcewell Contract # 060920-NAF.

Not familiar with Sourcewell cooperative purchasing? 

Read on to learn how your city can use this sourcing option to save you time and money while getting quality products for your fleet.

What is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a government purchasing cooperative that serves municipal buyers across the United States.

Formerly known as the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), Sourcewell was established in 1978 to assist public agencies, including municipalities, in procuring goods and services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Through its cooperative purchasing model, Sourcewell streamlines the procurement process, offers access to a vast array of vendors and contracts, and ensures compliance with procurement regulations.

In this article, we will explore the key aspects of Sourcewell and how municipal buyers can make purchases through this cooperative.

What is cooperative purchasing?

Cooperative purchasing is a procurement strategy in which multiple public entities, such as municipalities, school districts, and government agencies, collaborate to leverage their collective purchasing power. By pooling their buying power, these entities can negotiate better terms, lower prices, and access a wider range of products and services than they might be able to achieve individually.

Sourcewell’s role

Sourcewell serves as the intermediary between municipal buyers and vendors. Its primary role is to create and manage competitively solicited contracts for a broad spectrum of products and services.

These contracts are made available to eligible public entities, enabling them to make purchases without the need for their own time-consuming and costly procurement process.

What are the benefits for municipal buyers?

Municipal buyers can realize several advantages by utilizing Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing agreements:

Time and cost savings:

Sourcewell has already completed the procurement process which eliminates the need for you to do your own solicitation. This reduces administrative overhead and speeds up the acquisition period. This saves municipalities both time and money.


Competitive pricing:

Through Sourcewell, municipalities can access pre-negotiated contracts with vendors that offer competitive pricing. These contracts often include volume discounts and other favorable terms, ensuring that municipalities get the best value for their budget.



Sourcewell’s contracts are developed through a rigorous competitive solicitation process that adheres to federal and state procurement regulations. Municipal buyers can confidently use these contracts, knowing they are compliant with all necessary requirements.


Access to high-quality vendors:

Sourcewell carefully selects vendors based on their qualifications, experience, and ability to meet the needs of public entities. This ensures that municipalities have access to reputable suppliers and service providers.


How can municipal buyers procure through Sourcewell cooperative purchasing?

Municipal buyers can easily make purchases through Sourcewell by following these steps:


  1. Eligibility Check:

First, municipal buyers must determine if they are eligible to participate in Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing program. Most government entities, including municipalities, school districts, and nonprofit organizations, are eligible.


  1. Registration:

Buyers need to register with Sourcewell, which typically involves providing basic contact and organizational information. Registration is often a straightforward process that can be completed online. You can register here.

For more information, especially on Sourcewell inquiries for RIZON trucks, you can get in touch with our distributors.

Contact Dan Walters ( to discuss additional requirements, request body quotes, and negotiate any necessary details. The pre-negotiated terms in the contract provide a solid starting point for these discussions.  Dan will include contract 060920-NAF on any documentation.


  1. Purchase:

Once all details are finalized, you can proceed with the purchase. This typically involves generating a purchase order and processing payment according to the terms outlined in the contract.


  1. Documentation:

As always, be sure to maintain thorough records of their transactions, including purchase orders, invoices, and correspondence with vendors, to ensure compliance with auditing and reporting requirements.


  1. Feedback and Evaluation:

After the purchase is complete, Sourcewell encourages buyers to provide feedback on their experience, helping to continually improve the cooperative purchasing program.


Beyond procurement: additional services


Sourcewell offers more than just procurement assistance. They also provide additional services and resources to support municipal buyers, including:


Training and education:

Sourcewell offers training sessions, webinars, and educational resources to help buyers make informed decisions and navigate the cooperative purchasing process effectively.


Supplier diversity:

Sourcewell promotes supplier diversity and inclusion by actively seeking out and engaging with minority-owned, women-owned, and small business enterprises to participate in their contracts.


Custom solutions:

For unique or complex procurement needs, Sourcewell can assist in developing custom solutions, ensuring that municipalities can access the products and services they require.


Streamline your purchasing through Sourcewell cooperative purchasing


Sourcewell is a valuable resource for municipal buyers, simplifying the procurement process, offering competitive pricing, ensuring compliance, and providing access to a wide range of high-quality vendors.

By participating in Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing program, municipalities can streamline their purchasing efforts, save time and money, and make more informed procurement decisions. This cooperative model exemplifies how collaboration among public entities can lead to greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in government procurement.


For more information on Sourcewell cooperative purchasing, please visit their homepage.

For questions on sourcing RIZON trucks through Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing scheme, please send an email to Dan Walters at